Your wish is our command…

Christiann David - New venue image web

Armed with a {rather detailed} wish list compiled by our future brides and grooms, 5 weeks and a fist full of Dollars, the Red Ivory team launched into action on 20 June 2015…


28 days later and with the dedication and hard work of a seventeen company contractor team … and VOILA!


How we did so much in such a short space of time {with laughter and our sanity intact} still boggles the mind… but it is without a doubt testament to creative minds, a great team and unrelenting hard work.


The bride and groom’s wish list included:


  • Bigger restaurant, (now seats up to 350 guests) √


  • Disabled access to the venue & full disabled facilities in the restrooms √


  • More restrooms at restaurant level √


  • Larger bar (Doubled in size) √


  • Bigger dance floor √


  • More lounge area (Quadrupled in size) √


  • Larger cocktail area with (Now with permanent seating for 100 guests) √


  • Larger parking area enough to enable 350 guests √


  • Stone water feature with three fountains in front of the bride’s prep suite (this by the way was an actual request by one of our brides-to-be!) √