Brad & Donna – 19th March 2016

This beautiful letter was sent by email from the parents of Brad & Donna who got married at Red Ivory on 19th March 2016. It is words like these that inspire the team at Red Ivory to strive for absolute perfection at each function.


To all at Red Ivory who made Brad & Donna’s day special

I really want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making our children’s day one that will be remembered forever!

As a parent, giving your daughter and her husband-to-be the best day of their lives is a dream you wish for! Thank you for turning that dream into a reality! From the time we arrived to get ready in the beautiful suites, the
ceremony in the chapel with its breathtaking view, the reception area which is simply magnificent, the superb food, to the accommodation provided after and the wonderful breakfast the next day … All exceeded our every expectation! The service from every single staff member was exceptional and we were made to feel truly welcome and special!

The comments received from our guests also proved the location to have been the perfect choice!

This is a day that you can never change or undo and what a blessing to be able to say that we would not have changed a single thing throughout the whole experience!

Wishing Red Ivory much success in the future making bridal party’s dreams come true and once again thank you for making our dream a reality!

Kindest regards
Glynnis & David