. “I have never been to a wedding which packed such an amazing “WOW” factor. Thanks to you both – and as the man doing the prayer said – bless those also who made it possible. The venue was superb. Never seen anything like it – ever, and anyone, anywhere in the world (and I have travelled a bit and been to a wedding or two – in lots of fancy places) would battle to match it. That amazing vista over the dam where you can see forever into the twilight over the African indigenous landscape with the full moon coming up slightly left of centre stage blew my mind (and I cannot believe that the full moon was serendipity, SOMEONE must have organised it – even if it was “only” the BIG GUY himself!) The fires, the decking reaching out forever, the pool – everything was just the perfect setting. I really don’t believe that Hollywood in their wildest dreams could come up with anything like your venue.

And the food an absolutely memorable delight  Brilliant – a huge compliment to those who put it together.”

~ Terry  and Jacqui